Friday, 6 November 2015

Ramsgate House owners desert the housing market with an 8 year low

Even though the housing market is in an upbeat state in many parts of the UK, getting on the property ladder is still challenging for many and regarded as unattainable by some.  However, that goal has become even worse recently in Ramsgate as the number of houses available to buy is at an 8 year all time low.
Back in Spring 2008, there were over 1,600 properties for sale in Ramsgate and since then this has steadily declined year on year, so now there are only 633 for sale in the town.  This continuing diminishing supply of housing has been happening over those years for a while and there simply aren’t enough properties in Ramsgate to match demand.
According to a recent report by the National Association of Estate Agents, that said, “There are now 11 house hunters fighting after every available house which isn’t sustainable.   What that means is Ramsgate youngsters, who are looking to buy their first home, are finding themselves being squeezed out by the competition.  However, in the meantime, nobody wants to live with parents until they are in their 30’s, so that in turn creates demand for more rental properties, which means landlords have a greater demand for more rental properties so are buying more, resulting in even less smaller properties for the youngsters to buy, it’s a vicious circle.   
Talking to fellow agents, mortgage arrangers, surveyors and solicitors in the town, all of whom have extensive dealings in the Ramsgate property market like myself, most of us agree the movement in the Ramsgate market is taking place in the middle to upper market, higher up the property ladder and it’s second and third steppers pushing through the properties that are being bought and sold.
That has meant as people tend to move less in the middle to upper market, the number of the properties actually selling has drastically reduced over the last couple of years.
When we look at the individual areas of the town, it paints an interesting picture.
  • CT11 – Ramsgate, Chilton, Dumpton, Pegwell, St Lawrence 56 properties sold in May 2015 (with an average value of £186,376), whilst over the Summer months of 2014, the number of properties selling in this postcode reached into the late 50’s.
  • CT12 - Northwood, Minster-in-Thanet, Cliffsend, Monkton, Manston 17 properties sold in May 2015 (the most recent set of figures from the HM Land Registry), whilst over the Summer months of 2014, the number of properties selling in this postcode was always between 36 and 38 per month. (Interestingly the average value of those properties was £169,201).
So what does this all mean for homeowners and landlords alike in Ramsgate?  Demand for Ramsgate property is fairly good, especially at the lower end of the market.  However, with fewer properties coming up for sale, it means property prices are proving reasonably stable too.
You see I believe a more stable, consistent Ramsgate property market, with less people seeing property as an easy way to make a quick buck (as many did in the early 2000’s when prices were rising at nearly 20% a year so people were buying and selling every other minute), but a property market that has a steady growth of property values in Ramsgate, year on year, without the massive peaks and troughs we saw in the late 1980’s and mid/late 2000’s might just be the thing that the Ramsgate property market needs in the long term.
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